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Sara Wright

Confidence Coach

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Sara Wright Confidence Coach

Sara Wright Confidence Coach is based in Leicester with clients throughout the Midlands area.

I believe the most important elements of our lives are our health and our self-esteem, as without either, we are rendered less than we are capable of if they were in good shape!

As adults, our self-esteem and confidence is no one else’s responsibility but our own, and it’s vital that we invest time, energy and resources into ensuring that we truly learn how to love and value ourselves and to honour our own path.

I have over 20 years’ experience of working on a one to one basis and with groups of people in coaching and/or a training capacity, successfully supporting people to be the very best they can be, building self-esteem, self-awareness and confidence in their personal and professional lives.

Life can be a roller coaster and there are many bumps along the way that can impinge on a healthy self-esteem and level of confidence, so I am committed to working with people to ensure they have the self-awareness and tools needed to ensure that they are able to maintain a good level of self-esteem, self-respect and self-confidence through whatever life’s challenges throw at them!

With extensive coaching skills training, a BSc (Hons), an MSc and a bucket load of my own life experiences, I am armed with the theoretical understanding, personal know how, practical tools and skills to work with you to get the best out of you.

I’ve worked with a variety of people and organisations over the years, ranging from supporting people coming out of domestic abuse situations, prisoners aiming to make a fresh start, young parents trying to figure out their new set of values and role in life, entrepreneurs wanting to up their game and grow their businesses, and leaders looking to get the best out of themselves and others.


I am now focusing all of my experience and expertise to supporting individuals in one to one coaching, group coaching sessions, and training workshops.

I know that what I do and how I do it works.

My Three Core Principals in Coaching

Be Open &

I will always give my honest opinion and be open to ensure you get everything out of the coaching. 

I will explore avenues and ask questions to continue to work towards the goals you set. We will work together for your personal growth.

We will take the session at your pace, I will never push you to open up more than you feel comfortable to do so. The sessions are for your development.

Growth & Progession

Calm &

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